Creating an Inclusive Identity
When The Brussels Binder approached me with the task of creating a logo that truly embodied their values, I eagerly accepted the challenge.
The outcome is a logo that effectively captures the essence of diversity, inclusion, and safety, which are fundamental principles upheld by The Brussels Binder and the individuals they represent.
Each bespoke illustration carries profound symbolism:
The initial symbol combines elements of an abstract heart and a question mark, emphasizing the concept of inclusivity and the freedom to inquire about the world around us. It reflects the idea that everyone is welcome while also encouraging curiosity and raising questions when others are excluded from spaces.
The central symbol takes the form of an abstract light bulb, representing the human mind and symbolizing the importance of neurodiversity. It also bears resemblance to a magnifying glass and a fingerprint, allowing us to explore and observe while simultaneously emphasizing the significance of diversity and inclusion through the concept of print.
The final symbol represents humanity and individuals. The varying sizes of the figures highlight the diversity and uniqueness inherent in each person's identity.

We also worked together on their first annual report, and used this project as a starting point for sharing data and findings from their first year in operation.
Work with me:
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